Individual Therapy

Common struggles individuals work through are depression, anxiety, pornography addiction, self-esteem, previous or current relationship issues, death and grieving, and major life changes. Other client specific needs are obesity, widowhood, and single-parent challenges.


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Couples Therapy

Couples therapy carries with it a variety of concerns. Common issues are infidelity, sex, pornography addiction, family and relationship issues, financial stress, trust, communication, and other addictions. For couples where divorce is a serious concern, discernment counseling is suggested.


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Family Therapy

People seek help in family therapy to improve issues in family relationships, child-to-parent problems, grief and loss, child issues (ADHD, anger, depression, behavioral change), and life crises such as unemployment, military deployment, and terminal illness of a loved one.


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Who I am and what I am as a therapist

My name is Shayden Bertagnolli

I want to congratulate you because you’re one step closer to improving your life. Trust me, the hardest part of therapy is actually making the call and showing up. I believe therapy is difficult, inspiring, and requires sacrifice. Anything worth anything takes work, which applies to our relationships. Through your relationship(s), positive action, and hard work, change will occur.

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